First of all: Coaching is not a pill which can be taken.

What do I mean by that? Coaching will not have an effect just by itself. Just attending a session or waiting for the coach to do something will not change much yet.

Coaching will work as soon as you start working with it,
by using the questions, exercises and tools to discover new options and try them out at work or in life.

  • Positive effects can be new facets in your behavior or different reactions to other people.
  • Usually it starts inside yourself:
    • with your views and attitudes,
    • your overarching goals
    • or your daily habits.

If you like the first changes and have the impression this moves into the right direction, then we will continue and fine-tune the approach.

If the outcome is not yet as you expected, this is also an important piece of information. We will try to find out which obstacles we haven’t addressed yet, or which aspects are additionally relevant for you and need to be considered. With that, we will further improve the approach.