• You have turned to be the person you are today by living the life you have lived so far:
    • You became a special personality
    • with individual preferences, needs, desires and aspirations,
    • with values, opinions and emotional reaction patterns,
    • with typical habits and reactions to people and situations.
  • In the course of your life, you have developed some specific strengths and coped with a number of challenges.
  • Your relationships and your work history form part of your biography.
  • You live in a specific country, town and neighborhood, and your social environment is composed of your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors – and more significant others.

You always have the choice to change something in your life, but you will also be sure to make your decisions in a way that they will be a good fit to who you are and can be. Your options are part of your individual reality.

During the coaching journey, we will consider your biography and your individual circumstances in a holistic approach.